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dxSaigon is a multidisciplinary design consultancy.

I’m looking for one or more video editors, part-time, full-time, or freelance to help me with the Design Exchange Podcast.

Check out http://dxsaigon.com/podcast for examples of my podcast.

Currently, I’m producing 1 episode per week. Initially, I plan to continue editing the main episode myself but eventually want to hand it over to a future dxSaigon staff member.

Clips Editor / Social Media Content Producer:

What I need help with initially is to take my 1-hour long podcast and split it into approximately:

  • 7 clips of 1-20 minutes in length for sharing on a Youtube Clips channel, with a channel bumper at the end
  • The same 7 clips with burned-in subtitles to be shared on Facebook (wide)
  • The same 7 clips with burned in subtitles and a fixed super-title for Instagram TV (tall).
  • 21 clips 0-1 minute soundbites for sharing on TikTok
  • I may do the uploading for the first week or two but you will eventually be uploading directly to these services.

This is every single week. I don’t care how long it takes you to complete the work, when you work, or where you work — but I do care that you finish on time and with an acceptable level of quality.

Knowledge of graphic design, audio editing, and davinci resolve are a plus. Knowledge of video editing and platform resolutions / rendering settings is a must (you can look them up online if you don’t know).

Full Podcast Episode Editor (Audio):

I’m not actively looking for an Audio engineer, but if you think you can edit my podcast audio quicker and better than I can, please let me know. There’s a lot of mic bumps that need to be removed…

Estimated time 4 hrs / week.

Full Podcast Episode Editor (Video):

Each episode requires the following tasks:

  • Sync footage and audio
  • Set up multicamera angles (digital zoom in and sharpen on each speaker)
  • Create multicam clip (speaker 1, speaker 2, wideshot)
  • Initial multicam edit — cutting to each speaker ~ 0.5-1.0 seconds after they start speaking
  • cutting to wide angle if one shot is too long
  • removing awkward pauses and “ummmm” sounds when possible, changing camera angles to mask the edit when possible
  • adding titles and end-card
  • adding b roll
  • marking the timeline with each segment and notes about the topic
  • replacing audio with engineered audio
  • exporting the project for youtube
  • exporting the timeline markers for show notes
  • uploading to youtube for review
  • making adjustments if requested

Target completion time: 8 hours if you stay on task, not inclusive of rendering or upload time. But realistically about 2 days.